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28 Rules About Wearing A Suit That Every Man Should Know

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‘A well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men’.

This is something we’re well acquainted with. But merely donning a suit isn’t enough to strike the right first impression. Improperly fitting suits may tarnish your reputation at the workplace. Even worse, it could dissuade your chances of hitting it off with your sweetheart!
Here’s how you can effortlessly pull the dapper ‘corporate look’, with ease:

1. The last button remains open

Always remember that the last button is there just for the style quotient and should remain unbuttoned, always.

2. Always unfasten the suit buttons while sitting down

Lest you want to spoil your suit!

3. Always button the top shirt button

Ensure that you’re not choking yourself out. If yes, then it’s time to invest in a new shirt.

4. If you’re wearing a dark coloured suit, a light pocket square can be visually pleasing

And vice-versa.

5. Never pair a sports watch with your suit

The effort to look stylish goes in vain!

6. The shoulders of the suit should hug your shoulders

Like they say, a proper fitting suit is akin to proper fitting lingerie.

7. Baggy trousers are a big no-no

8. How to gauge a perfectly fitting jacket?

You should be able to just slip your hand between your chest and buttoned-up jacket

9. An overcoat accentuates the corporate look

10. Do not go overboard with accessories

11. Shoes should always complement the colour of your suit

A little mix and match is okay, but refrain from having too much colour contrast.

12. Socks should always cover your legs

Don’t put people off by showing hairy legs!

13. The tip of your tie should be at/just before the buckle of the belt

A little trial and error can sort this.

14. Even the waistcoat should finish at the belt

15. If you wear suspenders, don’t wear belts

The purpose of suspenders or braces is to hoist your trousers up, just like a belt. Donning both would be redundant.

16. Shirt cuffs shouldn’t go over the hands

Remember, a shirt that fits perfectly is what garners positive attention.

17. Tie knots should be of decent size

18. A dark coloured tie paired with a slightly lighter suit looks sharper

19. Stitchings should always be removed

Otherwise the jacket would hang weirdly, while you’re walking.

20. The tie-bar should not be wider than the tie

21. Suit fabric should depend on how frequently you wear it

Go for more durable fabrics for everyday wear.

22. There shouldn’t be any gap between the shirt’s collar and the suit

Those are signs of an ill-fitting jacket.

23. If you’re going all corporate, opt for a double-button jacket with a notched lapel

24. The top button of a two-button/middle button of a three-button should fall at or above the navel

Remember this thumb rule!

25. The bottom button of the vest must always be unbuttoned too

26. The suit jacket should be long enough to cover the zipper of your trousers

27. Wear something underneath the shirt if your sweat-glands get activated too easily

But ensure that it isn’t seen. That would malign your suited-up look!

28. Opt for thin lapels for a more modern look. Those who prefer the old school look can opt for the thick ones

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