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May 16, 2016
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A Moron’s Guide to Self Introspection


The day I stop learning, I think should be my last day, breathing on this mighty planet.

Life is all about the experiences, which comes from various forms of learning. Opportunities to enhance our knowledge and growth makes life worth living. And I think a significant part of the growth process is self introspection.

One of the best things that have ever happened to me is, I have grown so comfortable in my own skin, in being who I am.  This is all thanks to life pushing me to take the time to look inwards that has helped shape the person I have become.

How we respond to things and make choices are based on letting what’s inside come out. An inside out approach, there can be quick fixes to it, yeah! for sure, yet in long run, only this one guide works for self fulfillment, an introspective approach to self.

Unless we seek within and get answers from ourselves, everything feels “forced-fit”.  Looking inward helps us to take positive steps in life. At the very least, introspection can help us make morally appropriate decisions.

Consider these benefits of introspection:

  1. We make conscience-driven decisions. Being introspective allows us to maintain close contact with our conscience. Our conscience is what helps us to distinguish what is right from wrong, for us. When we focus on looking inwards, we get the opportunity to weigh our options.
    • Conscience-driven decisions allow us to sleep better at night.
    • Taking this approach helps us to be true to others, regardless of the outcome. Making us create a win- win situation.
  2. Our character strengthen, we actually allow ourselves to be who we truly are, fearlessly. Looking inwards forces us to confront the person we are. What makes us tick? What do we believe in? Taking an honest look at our character brings us self-knowledge, builds our self-esteem, and enables us to make changes if we want to.
    • Have we done or said things that offend others? Putting ourselves in others shoes and think about how we’d feel.
    • Look back at our experiences. Which outcome has left us feeling the most satisfied? And hence how should we be acting, behaving, communicating and thus living.
  3. Fair thinking is tied in with the conscience and with our values. Introspection allows us to lock out the noise around us. It’s very easy to sway our thoughts based on what is presented to us on the outside. Listening to ourselves first helps us to be fair to ourselves and to those around us.
    • It’s easy to want to give in to a particular way of thinking based on influence. Our close friends and even family encourages us to see things their way. But what about our way?
    • Remember that we alone are responsible for our life.
  4. We can define happiness for ourselves in every moment. Till I realized, happiness is an inside job and a state of my own mind and thus it’s at my beck and call, I was postponing my happiness linked to what can be, what I seek things to be. By taking a look at what we’re made up of inside, we can actually define happiness. What are the things that we enjoy doing? How do we measure relationships with others? Answering questions like these can lead to true happiness, defined just for ourselves.
    • Life is best lived when we make yourself happy first. The well-being of others follow naturally.
  5. We need to confront our fears. It’s easy to live in the pretense of fearlessness. But the truth is that every person has something they fear. What’s ours? The best way to determine our fears is through introspection. Once we own our fears, we can move towards managing the feelings they bring.
    • Is it failure or success that we’re afraid of? Consider the worst thing that could happen.
    • Build the skill sets we need to confront our fear and take it down! Step by step
  6. Acknowledgement of choices. As a human being, we have more choices than we think, as we are highly resourceful. There are only un-resourceful states no un-resourceful people. As the only reasoning beings on the planet, we all have a myriad of options available.
    • Ultimately, we want our choices to reflect our true character.

If we seek the growth and development then the possibility is only through true introspection, and facing our own inner truth. Some are very hard and some make us smile, yet there is nothing more invigorating than growing into our full potential. Like a 17 year old client of mine said “mam I am totally motivated when I know what challenges me and then to see my own potential to overcome it” she totally nailed it on the head and blew my mind with her young wisdom.

If we take the time each day to close our eyes and see ourselves in all our glory and chipped edges, we will slowly begin to see our true beauty.

(Writer is a Life and Personal Branding Coach and practices in Mumbai, India)

Write to us and take a free complimentary Life Coaching session and give yourself a chance to introspect about your choices to take your life from Good to Great.

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