Most of us look forward to a new year with enthusiasm and hope, with plans to make it better in this new year and get going and do things that we truly want to do and achieve.

It’s the 2nd month of 2016 and I ask you; where are you on those dreams? If you have gotten going …wow! My heart felt congratulations and good wishes to you for working to take your life from Good to Great.

However, if you are anything like me, getting a slow start and wondering how to keep the momentum going and what all to do (as life has so many dreams I want to achieve) I thought I will share a few thoughts of mine with you, nudging you and me to get going and make those fruitful changes.

The key to anything new, to me’ is Passion and if we start making changes with that one key it can take us a long way and help us achieve what we set out to achieve

Start the New Year with Passion: 6 Changes to Make NOW!!!
We can ignite our passion and experience a more vibrant existence by making changes now. Question is what changes would I like to make?

I have listed a few strategies to begin making changes that can help us lead a more fulfilling life and adapt change and keep resolutions;

    1. Pay special attention to our health; I know it’s an obvious space to look at, but when life takes over this is the 1st quadrant of life that gets neglected the most. We take our body and ourselves for granted.
      Revitalize it by eating well, exercising vigorously, and getting proper sleep. Take care of the teeth, hair, and skin. When we start feeling more beautiful, it boosts our self-esteem.

Let us get excited about the changes we are making regarding our body and overall health. Simple things that can boost our health and over all wellbeing

    1. Read more; with so much screen time and virtual interface, Yes, we are reading constantly. More often than not we are reading things fed to us, pushed in our faces by our screen. You may prefer other activities; however, reading is one pastime that expands our mind in many ways. Focus on reading about topics that we enjoy or want to learn more about. 10 minute a day is all that I ask of you to give yourself undivided reading time and see the magic unfold in professional, social and personal life.

If travel is a love, read travel guides and stories set in the places you’d like to visit.

If our dogs or pets are our apple of the eyes, read about the breed, training techniques, and how to care for their health.

If current affairs are important; then find time to focus and read view, opinions and essays by prominent people.

Expanding our intellectual horizons helps us become a more interesting person, who has plenty of things to converse about with other, develop into a well-rounded personality and an expert in the chosen domain.

    1. Each week, have a date with the love of your life;
      Many of us have only dreamed of it, many have been fortunate to have been on dates with the love of their lives however, love and relationships need constant time and nurturing. Dates are meant to enhance our closeness and make your relationship stronger. They also add an element of fun to our partnership. So go ahead find time to do something; together.

Whether it’s a Tuesday evening pizza and movie at home or a Saturday night dinner followed by a movie, spend special time each week with your partner, do things together. Ignite the fires of passion and change lives for the better.

    1. Set priorities and keep them straight. For example, if our priorities are family, work, and self, be sure to consider each one of them when making decisions. The key is to be aware of our priorities. I urge you to make a list, what are our core values? What we will never compromise on? What makes us tic?

Start this year by behaving in ways that demonstrate our priorities. Maintain focus on what’s important throughout the year. When our existence matches your priorities, we are more passionate about what we are doing at home, in the workplace, and on our own.

    1. This year, do something you haven’t done before; As my favorite song says “do one things every day that scares you” (The Sunscreen song)
      Nothing gets the juices flowing like engaging in a novel activity. Will it be that ten-day trip to Europe or finally moving into the new home with the fitness center and swimming pool or learning to Zumba or taking a trek to the mountains or Cooking a new dish for dinner very week? Adventure & newness fuels our imagination like nothing else does and keeps our creative juices going

Maybe our new experience will be something we have wanted to do for years or perhaps it’s something we have just decided to explore, whatever the case might be, make it a priority to do something new…soon.

    1. Put the best foot forward at work; Like most routine in life even work, how ever much passionate we are about it, can get downright boring. Can happen to the best of us and if it has recognize it and, now spice it up.
      Strive to excel at the job this year. Volunteer for that new project, take on an undesirable task, do a new course to learn a new skill or simply expand efforts each day,

Document the efforts that are taken to enhance work life and when the chance for a promotion arises, step up.

Be confident and let the boss know why we are the best person for the job.

We alone are responsible to create our own life and take it from Good to Great. Its most powerful choice we have been granted, so I urge you take that step today … get going and I promise, you will soon discover that you’re feeling more vibrant, interested and passionate in all aspects of your life.

Happy Living and A very empowering 2016 to you!!!

(Writer is a Life and Personal Branding Coach and practices in Mumbai, India)

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