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Psychologist, Life Coach, Behavioural Facilitator
Psychologist, Life Coach, Behavioural Facilitator

An Emotional Intelligence Coach and Psychologist, Nidhi is a catalyst who believes in taking life from ‘Good to Great,’ through her Counselling, Life Coaching and Behavioural Trainings


Nidhi understands human behaviour through her years in Advertising and Brand Activation; working with varied clients, teammates and consumers. She believes that “We are not our behaviour” and hence this behaviour can be modified and changed to achieve a better and a more fulfilling life.

Nidhi’s passion is to work with people to achieve greater satisfaction in their lives through Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational counselling and life coaching. She works to establish renewed self-confidence and instil a belief that we can take our lives from Good to Great, if we so desire.

In this endeavour, in the last 10 years, Nidhi has conducted over 450 trainings, trained over 1000 people and worked with more than 50 organisations. She has counselled and coached over 200 people, being age agnostic to include youngsters and senior management.

Nidhi is a multiple time marathoner, enjoys outdoor sports, draws inspiration from mythology and tutors Masters’ students of psychology.

She is also the Founder and Principal Counsellor & Coach for Bon Impressions, a counselling and coaching company.


As an advertising professional with 14 years of experience, Nidhi has worked with market leaders such as Ogilvy, Jagran Solutions, Candid Marketing, Milestone Entertainment and India Today.

During this period, and her interaction with myriad people from diverse walks of life, led her to believe that there is an urgent need for emotional development in individuals to excel as professionals. She understands that this can be achieved through behavioural transformation. This led her to embark on the journey of behaviour modification. These, she has been successfully practicing, with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology, Certification as a Life Coach, Image Consultant, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for the last 10 years. Her forte being Behaviour Transformations, Personal Development and Effective Communication.

She was also associated with an NGO, I-Create (that works with young adults aspiring to be entrepreneurs) assisting them with etiquette, manners and soft skills required to infuse the added edge to their personalities.


  • She’s the Executive Producer of a critically acclaimed music album ‘Kamasutra’.
  • Lyrical adaptation for the song ‘Jawab Do’ in the album ‘Vayuputras’ (the OST for the Shiva’s Trilogy books of India’s largest selling author Amish Tripathi).
  • Gold Award for “Promotion of the Year” and “Best Sampling’ for Product launch of “Castrol Formula Gel” through promotional strategy and creation of a brand mascot/comic booklets for better product penetration.
  • Bronze Award for the “Best Dealer/Trade Incentive Program of the Year” for the on-air premier of the film ‘Ratatouille’ on the Disney channel.


  • Master’s in Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelor’s of Commerce – Marketing Honours
  • Diploma in Advertising and Communication


  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified Image Consultant
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified DISC assessorh
  • Certified FIT assessor
  • Certified Reebok Aerobics Instructor

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