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August 5, 2019
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Are you the Modern Day Abhimanyu?

Those reading this blog, might know the story of Abhimanyu and his untimely demise in the Kurukshetra battle field. A young boy with zeal to help and support his father and uncles and stand by his Dharma, got himself into such hot water that even Krishna could not step in, or so we wonder and that’s a story for another time.

What got this young boy killed in that battel field was the incomplete knowledge that he possessed. Post birth, throughout his education, taught by might warriors, Abhimanyu never once asks anyone of his mighty teachers, to explain or teach him how to break the chakravyuh.


However, what got me thinking about Abhimanyu, is that I see so many Abhimanyus around me on a day to day basis. Especially, when I do behaviour training programs and even in my life coaching sessions.

People know everything or so they think, as google maata is there to tell us all. (Talk to a doctor and they will tell you how many patients and their caregivers tell them what treatment to give or not give.)

There is nothing more dangerous than incomplete knowledge, which ironically, is believed to be complete and worst still not explored for clarity and deeper understanding.

Now, I am not saying don’t google, all I am saying is dig deeper, ask few more questions to those who might know more or are subject matter experts, listen carefully to them and then use the knowledge.

What worries me most, is when I see people, myself included, stop short of asking more and listening deeply when the knowledge is imparted, which leads to so many mishaps and misunderstandings.

In my training programs, I get at least 1 participant in every batch, who knows the subject well and is there only at the behest of their superiors or mandated training hours. What is sad though is that they neither share their knowledge with others, even when invited to do so, nor do they listen to what might give them more clarity or different perspectives on the subject.

Technology has made information flow so easy, a click of a button and sometimes not even that as google can be talked to…which is great and has done wonders for our lifestyle. However, living in the VUCA environment makes it imperative that we upgrade ourselves constantly, even our phone apps are upgraded every 45 days or so. All then that needs to be done to upgrade ourselves is to ask more questions and listening deeply.

Humility of acceptance, that we may not know everything, is the starting point to take our life from good to great. We not only need a curious min but an open one as well.

I am a counselling psychologist, a life & personal development coach and a mythology enthusiast. I practise from Mumbai, India, reaching across the globe. Please do let me know your thoughts on how you take your life from good to great.

If you wish to accelerate your growth and move from your comfort zone, please do connect with me and take a complimentary Life Coaching session. Write to me at

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