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March 28, 2011
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April 15, 2011
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Be the Power Player…Get the best YOU want


We get into any situation wanting people to know that we mean business. We speak like a leader, but do we look like one?

We all have clothes for various occasions forming a personal and professional wardrobe. But certain pieces inherently contain more authority and some don’t and we probably don’t even know it. Capture attention, command respect, and nonverbally indicate you take care of business. What you should know to create the right impact.


Apply colour psychology. The darker the colour, the more authoritative you appear. Black, navy, and gray are classic standards for power dressing, but other options exist. Any colour looks more powerful when “shaded”. Hunter green, deep plum, dark brown, and burgundy also impart strength and add variety.Compare these two jackets of exact design. As jackets and layering pieces, they suggest power. But detect the degree of dominance. The darker jacket communicates visual authority
Bottom line: All jackets contain some authority. But the jacket’s colour increases or decreases the degree of strength.

Consider Personal Colouring :

While selecting your favoured POWER colour, keep in mind your own personal colouring, whether or not it compliments you in the best possible manner. Wear colours that complement the skin tone, the eyes and hair colour by wearing scarf, necklace, shirts and tops near to the face, such that it brings out the vibrancy that you have. A black suit might be overwhelming and hence the same can be toned down with a coloured piece of accessory.

In these pictures the scarf and the blouse neck is not only complimenting the skin tone and hair but also cutting down the monotony of the black suit. And the Lipstick adds to the vibrancy further without diluting the authoritative impact.

For men, Look in the Mirror next time you out shopping clothes and simply place the tie or shirts near the face and see if faltters you, it is a good idea to take help of an image consultant and get the personal colours for yourself.

Wear Straight Lines:

The following pictures speak a thousand words and make it clear why straight lines communicate authority and leadership These not just communicate power and authority, the pin stripes also lengthen and slenderise the body, hence two objectives are met while wearing pinstripe (straight lines) for both genders.

Compare the pinstripe tie with the paisley print and you are sure to know which one looks more powerful in comparison.

Contrasts – Dull, Dark and Light: Once again the on the right pictures speak a thousand words, how beautifully the lady’s face is framed, simply because of the contrast that is reflected in her dressing, such that the focus remains on her face. After all we want people to pay attention to what we are saying and stay focused on our face and not digress elsewhere. Contrast highlights Visibility which keeps the attention on YOU. Now pay attention to the picture on the left. Attention is garbed by the gold necklace, which is hardly the most vibrant feature on the lady, while her grace, her beauty is getting lost and merged with this all plain dark suit.

Isaac Bashevis noted “what a strange Power there is in clothing”. You need not replace your wardrobe but you may certainly start to mix and match your existing one in a manner that they launch you in a power stratosphere.

For a free consulting session write to me at, and feel the change for yourself.

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