Complimentary Coaching


Congratulation! On deciding to explore your possibilities.

A Complimentary Coaching session isn’t a brief demo or sample of the life coaching process, but it’s a full 45-minute Coaching session focused on current real life challenges of your choosing plus 15 minutes to discuss your experience and any questions you may have about my approach to coaching.

What will happen in the Complimentary session?

  1. We’ll get clearer on your goals and vision
  2. We’ll create a 3 stage plan for achieving your goals
  3. We’ll uncover any challenges that could be slowing you down or sabotaging you
  4. You’ll leave with more energy and motivation to really make this happen

So whatever is that you want to “better” your Life, Career, Relationship or Dating, Finance, Personal Branding or Image use this offer to explore for yourself how you can benefit from a Coaching services.

There is no expectation or pressure to hire us as your ongoing coach. Providing meaningful, substantive complimentary Coaching sessions with no obligation is one of the ways we demonstrate our gratitude and give back to the Universe a small portion of the abundance and opportunity it bestows on us.

Life Coaching turns Thoughts into Goals, Goals into Plans, Plans into Actions and Actions in to Results.

Complimentary Coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great…

Write to us at or call us on 09619698572 or 022 26397979 and book your Complimentary Coaching session TODAY!

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