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Cool Off your Skin… Live it up this summer


This summer ensure you are prepared to put your best skin forward, Times of India supplement I DIVA has some brilliant advise for just that.

Skin needs hydration and more hydration during these sapping months, so take special care and a few minutes to ensure you look and feel as refreshing as you can.


During this season, the heat draws all the moisture from the skin. So don’t resort to heavy, cream-based moisturisers left over from winter. Instead, use a non-comedogenic moisturiser to soothe parched skin or indulge in a long, moisturising bath daily. Hydrating your skin is necessary to make it look soft and supple. Pick lotions that promise nourishment, without making the skin greasy. Also, be sure to drink at least three to four litres of water per day. Water helps battle skin irritations and allergies.

TRY: Dermalogica’s Active Moist Moisturiser; Iraya’s Sea Kelp Bath Bomb


With summer, comes grime and sweat. Face masks and exfoliation scrubs are an important part of skin care. Due to excessive pollution in the environment, dead cells are formed on the skin’s surface; using masks and exfoliation scrubs help get rid of them.

TRY: The Nature’s Co.’s Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash; Biguine Bio Masque Menthe et Camphre (Mint and Camphor Mask)

To nurture your skin at home, try this two-in-one pack:


1 tbsp orange peel powder

2 drops of lime juice Some rose water

Some rose waterMethod: Mix all the ingredients together to make a face pack. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 10 minutes. Lightly scrub in a circular motion before washing it off with cold water.

Block the heat

The two must-haves for summer are a good pair of sunglasses and a reliable sunblock. Sunblock protects the skin from tanning, sunburns, pigmentation and dehydration. In a country like ours, a sunscreen of SPF 30 and above is a must for anyone heading outdoors in the summer. Hair too needs to be protected against sun-damage. Pamper your tresses with a protective, leave-in serum to prevent it from breakage or dryness.

TRY: Paul Mitchell’s Express Style Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer; Lakme’s Sunscreen Souffle

Care for your lips, hands and nails

Lips and hands are the most neglected part of the body during summer. They need extra care as they are highly prone to sun damage. Fix your nails with a strengthening cream to prevent them from chipping. For the lips, you can either smear some homemade ghee or apply afruity lip balm. These tricks help prevent darkening of skin, which is very common in these hot months.

TRY: Iraya’s Orange and Citrus Lip Balm and Bamboo Nail Care Cream


‘You are what you eat’ may be an old saying, but it holds true, especially in summer. A good meal that includes green, leafy vegetables and vitamin C supplements helps battle the heat well. Veggies such as cauliflower, French beans, spinach and cabbage are full of minerals and vitamins that hydrate the skin internally. Vitamin Cenriched fruits such as lemons, sweet limes and oranges act as internal sunblocks that prevent the skin from external damage. Round up your meal with a bowl of cooling curd or coconut water to help battle that acne-causing acidity.

—Expert inputs by Dr. Purnima Mhatre, medical cosmetologist

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