November 7, 2017
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In life coaching profession and practice, if any clients takes up the coaching with me, the 2 questions that I ask them before a sign up is “are you willing to move forward” and “are you willing to give your 100% to that resolve?” What do you think are the most popular answers?

Let me help you here; ‘Yes of course’ to the 1st one, and often a hesitation to the other. (I get it you need to think about your commitment and resolve and yet…) That hesitation tells me how committed your resolve is to your success.

In my mind, when we are ready to push the envelope, there are no hesitations, no barriers and nothing too big that comes in the way. A laser sharp focus that gets us past every challenge that comes in the way to change our lives from Good to Great.

I believe, that no matter how impossible I might think something is to accomplish, there’s someone out there getting it done anyway. And if something is ‘Humanely possible’ for one individual then it’s humanely possible for all. Most often, excuses are a way to justify fear of failure, fear of success, or a lack of resolve. Excuses get in the way of success, living fully and being the greatness that we have in us.

Excuses are success sabotages and by overcoming our excuses, success becomes much more likely!

Some excuses that sabotage us that I have come across in my life coaching practice and have worked with clients to go past are here for your reading. If any of these resonate, I am hopeful this blog will support you to get past it.

I don’t have the right education. A surprising percentage of the most successful people never completed high school, (I am sure I don’t need to give any names here). It’s true that education is required to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but education isn’t the only element needed to succeed and certainly not required in many situations.

Our society places a high emphasis on education, but it’s not always necessary. Motivation and commitment are far more valuable than education in most cases. How committed are you? Or do I sense a hesitation here. So it’s time to get over that or do something about it. Let me share a secret with you, I had this fear/ complex for the longest time, that I wasn’t educated enough and so chances of success were… well… you guessed it. Till one day I got up and did something about it. I got various certifications to pursue a career of my choice, attended and sill attend various training programs that help me, at both professional and personal level, I use a coach to work with me from time to time and am perusing a master’s degree as I write this…

This is my favorite one I don’t have enough money. Many of those wealthy in the present were poor in the past. Some of the biggest companies were started in a one-car garage. Money certainly makes things easier, but it’s not always necessary to get started. (I just read a story on Steve Jobs who went and asked for electronic parts to build his computer)

A lack of financial resources is a convenient excuse to stay stuck in your current situation. Ask yourself, if I don’t undertake this task or challenge or training, where will I be 12 months for now? If the answer does not scare you, you are doing great, but if it does, get going. A client of mine was struggling with finances and told me she cannot take up coaching as she could not afford it, with 2 kids, single parent, part time job etc. In fact the reason she was talking to me was because she was struggling to pay the school fees. I asked her how much she had, ‘Rs.45,000’ was all she could think of. Nothing I did made her come up with more, till I said I have a gun on your son’s head and I will shoot. Guess what? She was able to gather 2 lac Rupees very quickly, sitting right in front of me. I am very proud and happy to report that since then she has acquired a really well-paying job and doing financially well.

The world is full of money. If we don’t have enough money to move forward, then we need to find a way to acquire more. Talk to people, life has a way to surprise us.

If we feel that success is eluding us, we need to thoughtfully consider the possibility that we might be making excuses for it. We might discover that what we thought was stopping us all along was really just us and out self-sabotaging traits!

What do you think? Are there any more that you can think of? I have a few more that I will share in the next blog…

Till then do your best and be your best…
Happy Living

I am a life and personal branding coach and practice from Mumbai India. Please do let me know if my blog has supported you any manner.

If you wish to take steps towards your success and take your life from Good to Great, please do connect with me and take a complimentary Life Coaching session. Write to me at ask.bon@bonimpressions.com

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