We all have been there, when it feels like bed is our bestest friend, crawl right back in with cookies or a book. But that’s what dreams are made off and one has to get going no matter what. And such days are the days when most of us just throw on what comes first or easiest or is most comfortable. Think how many times this has happened to us and how that day has dragged and gone down and under, and nothing you did worked.

But not anymore, let’s put those dreary days behind us and remember that when the mind is resisting let us use the ultimate resource we all have to spruce it up… OUR BODY

On days like these allow yourself to pamper your body and see the difference it will make to your mind, psyche and the day, as looking good always translates into feeling good. As when you are pampered yourself you will look good and that will make you feel confident as you know you look good.

Clothes contribute maximum in making us look good, all it takes is few extra minutes to think and choose the outfit that you like and help yourself get transformed

Here’s how to fight the mood blues with your wardrobe.

Find a time when you are feeling good, and spend some time considering the following:

1. Find yourself:

It is important to have confidence in who you are and what your personal likes and dislikes are. For that you must spend time reflecting upon yourself and understand what you like, why you like it and what is it that you want to project to the onlookers about yourself etc.

It may take time to develop, and if needed seek professional help from an image manager to define these. After all it’s an investment we are making in OURSELEVES, for a lifetime and trial and error may not always work and even if does it might have already done damage that we cannot undo.

Your dressing must reflect your spirit, no matter what you wear. Take notice of how you feel in certain clothes and only when you are most comfortable should you buy those.

2. Designate “Happy” clothes and accessories:

These are items that look good on you no matter what, and help lift your mood.

  • Great pair of shoes that make you stand straighter and walk with purpose, these will always add to your confidence and give a spring to your feet
  • A pretty lipstick or lip gloss that adds color to your face and
  • A silk scarf that wakes up any outfit
  • A special piece of jewelry, those that reflect your achievements
  • Your favorite pair of jeans that creates the perfect silhouette – OMG this does do wonders for my spirit
  • A generous blast of your favorite perfume to elevate that mood

3. Consider color in all and any format

Colors… they really color our world and especially on occasions when Blues have taken over, other colors can really help make the blues go away. Color is a great mood lifter, even if it’s in form of a bright lipstick or handbag or a scarf or footwear

Stay away from dressing from head to toe in dark, neutral tones like black, grey, or brown.

Chose a print, a stripe or plaid and consider the following:

  • red is confident
  • orange is energetic
  • yellow is happy and cheerful
  • blues, purples, and pink are calming
  • green is uplifting

Colours can be used to increase well-being, to influence emotions, improve the looks, bring out the image, and attract interest. When choosing clothes, colours affect 3 levels:

  • the sensuous/optical level – colours influence emotions. They can be used to increase our well-being by intentionally balancing or strengthening emotional states
  • the mental level – colours express an emotional state, they can be used to emphasize our personality and individuality
  • the intellectual/symbolic level – colours can be used to intentionally achieve something

4. it’s all about the “fit” and the comfort:

If your clothes fit well and are comfortable you will enjoy wearing them and feel confident in how you look. It should not be about “the SIZE” always. When shopping for clothes focus should be on how you look in the clothes and then how it makes you feel and if you are comfortable in that fit and size. Clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable will invariably make you feel good about yourself and when you will feel good you will have a great day

This is all about making you feel good – and when you look good, you automatically feel good. Expressing yourself through clothes can give you a feeling of confidence and lift your spirits! So next time you are feeling the blues make sure you doll us as much as you can…and this goes for the boys too…

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