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Keys to Success What Does It Take to Transform Your Life

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My Notes to Success

Some of us are privileged to have lived a life that is laced with clarity for what we want to be and where we want to go. A lot of us might have experienced a rough start in life, where we didn’t really know all the answer. I, for one only had a reasonable idea of what I wanted to do, but life got complicated and threw me a few curve balls. I was fielding those balls and wading through things, and reached a space where I told myself “it’s now or never” and I have to ACT to at least move towards the life that I truly seek.

The journey started 5 years ago (and still continuing)… once again with a hazy idea of where I wanted to go, however, one things I was 100% sure of, that change I must, if I truly want to be who I am meant to be.

Luckily, I realized “it’s never too late”! … Never too late to start again…never too late to try new things… never too late to Change…

Having traversed the path to some extent (I still have a long way to go), I realized a few things that become quintessential in my journey, which I am listing below. These by no means are sacrosanct, however can certainly be a guiding force to those who wish to start living a life they seek…taking it from Good to Great

  1. Desire to change; A burning realization that ‘something gotta give’… ‘It’s now or never’…When we feel a strong desire to alter the way we are currently living, we are a step closer to doing what’s necessary to live our fantasy life. The more passionate we feel about changing our life, the more likely it is that we’ll do it.

  1. Recognize the kind of life and work we covet; What do we truly want? What gives us the greatest satisfaction and happiness? Ask… if I had only a limited time to live, what and how will I live that time? Chances are, the answer will give us the guidance to what truly matters to us; thereby showing us what we really want to be…
    Do you want to be a musician, a teacher, a sales person, a life coach, a fitness expert? Maybe you love all the travel shows on television and secretly want to be a travel journalist. Our career largely determines the type of life we’ll have. Choose well… if that part of life is set, then go ahead and find time to learn and bring that secret desire to life. Blog, learn an instrument, teach a students to get through entrance exams. An engineer cousin of mine runs a successful engineering business of his own, having passed from IT BHU, he and his wife find time daily to coach students aspiring to scale the engineering exams every evening, free of cost…
  2. Gain knowledge; Sharpen the Saw, as Stephen Covey says in 7 habits of the highly effective people…Knowledge is power… believe it. Go get it. We need to upgrade ourselves, constantly. When we’re educated in the ways of those who live the kind of life we yearn for, so too can we live it. Gather information. Take a course. Join a training program. Read a book. Dive in to the internet. Seek knowledge to expand the mind and achieve the dreams.
  3. Develop courage; Life occasionally requires us to shore up our bravery in order to move forward. We need to step out of your comfort zone from time to time.
    Fear the unknown and then go forward anyway. Sometimes, we have to pretend that we have the courage before we actually get courage. My father has often told me I am one of the most courageous people he knows… what I have not told him about, are the countless nights and days I have sat palpitating, hearing my heart pounding in fear of what will it be… and telling myself…one foot in front of the other…
  1. Seek the support of family and friends; Although it’s possible to transform our life without anyone and any support, however, when we have a tight network of people who love and care for us, changing life is a bit easier. In fact I will go to the extent to say; enroll them in your journey…make them partners in crime, after all when we are supported by our loved ones, Number 4 above, we develop courage.
  2. Maintain open mind; Keep an open mind open to any possibility that might lead to where we want to go and what we hope to accomplish. Accept new roads and path ways, new idea… say no to nothing… explore all opportunities..
  1. Nurture a sense of adventure; When things don’t go our way, consider those unpredictable situations as adventures. Who knows what we might experience that leads to a transformed, fulfilling life? I have met so many amazing people, experienced so much joy and gather so much knowledge… as the famous Star Trek words ring in head… “Boldly go where no man has gone before”… a life mantra I am never willing to let go.
  2. Be willing to change the people and places in our life; If life hasn’t been heading in the direction we want it to go, perhaps it has something to do with the people we fraternize with. Another of my life mantra “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn… has given me immense insights into my own life and what stand in my way. Evaluate each of the close relationships and friendships. Is anyone trying to stop us from realizing our dream? It might be necessary to move. Ponder the kind of life we yearn for and determine the best place where it can be lived.
We can transform our life into the existence of our dreams. Question is; Are you ready to go for it?

(Writer is a Life and Personal Branding Coach and practices in Mumbai, India)

Write to us and take a complimentary exploratory Life Coaching session to move ahead in this year and take your life from Good to Great.

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