March 28, 2011

The Perfect Wardrobe

Want to know the secret to creating a foolproof wardrobe? It’s all about “buying less and spending more.” The ultimate goal is to build a wardrobe […]
March 28, 2011

Why you should see an Image and Nonverbal Coaching

Image consultant is someone who can give you advice on how to put your best foot forward in all situations and occasions It is often difficult […]
March 17, 2011

Fresh radiant moisturized skin

Water makes up 60% of the human body. Not only blood and other body fluids have water as their main ingredient, water is stored in all […]
March 17, 2011

Look your best, always

Makeup makes an essential part for any women. Putting on make up comes ease to some but can be a very daunting task to many. But […]
February 27, 2011

Put your best foot forward, choose the right footwear

Right from the times of Cinderella, you know that life gets better when the shoe fits right. Today, bizarre fashions, vanity, ignorance and apathy have made […]
August 22, 2011


Like staple food, our wardrobe demands that we stock it with some staple clothing that can come in handy at odd times, is evergreens and adds […]
July 29, 2011


An article appearing in TOI dated July19th 2011, validating once again how important personal Grooming, and personal Impressions are and how subconsciously small things about us […]
July 19, 2011

The rules to Rule your lady

There was a time when, I too confused chivalry with feminism, but thankfully the difference became apparent, as frankly there is nothing more charming than a […]
June 24, 2011

The art of winning An Interview

“Clothes don’t maketh a man” but they do make him acceptable for the second chance in life, and hence a complete package of a charming personality […]
June 24, 2011

Don’t Skirt the Flare…

Skirt, according to me, is the most feminine of all western dresses and really versatile as well, long or short, flared or straight, it speaks its […]

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