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Online profile can decide upon that interview call


Social media profiling is essential for a professional image

We are connected with the world through our finger tips, smart phones have made it so easy for us to give minute by minute update about our movement. We are sharing to our hearts content, through blogs, photos, opinions and status updates etc.

At one end this is great thing as it is shrinking the world and making information available to us in a click of a button, but on the other hand it is impacting our professional image and impressions, without us being aware of the same.

Social media impacts our professional image

Research shows that, employers turn to social media sites like Facebook when deciding whether to even call a job candidate for an interview.

Research from a global security software company discovered that more than 90% of human resources professionals search for unprotected social media profiles in order to assess a candidate’s suitability.

What employers find online has huge implications on a job seekers chance of even getting an interview, Business News Daily reported.

The study was based on surveys of 230 human resources professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom, and 4,400 job seekers between the ages of 18 and 25. Researchers found that job candidates who display inebriated photos on their social media profiles reduce their chances of securing an interview by 84%.

Other actions seen on social media that can cost job candidate an employment opportunity include evidence of obnoxious behavior, negative or derogatory comments about a previous employer or extremist views about topics such as race. Overall, nearly 50% of the hiring managers surveyed have turned down a job applicant because of their online profile.

(Research details courtesy article in Times of India August 2012) Click Here to read full article

Mange social media image skillfully for a savvy professional image
Picture is not all bleak, if there are negatives then there are immense positives to using and interacting on social media, for example, people discover hidden talents and skill sets that are otherwise not visible on a typical resume. Our social media profile can strengthen and support our claim to who we say we are and establish us as thinking, proactive, conscientious professionals.

Care must be taken while connecting online, through any platform, to ensure that the image that is projected is always balanced, positive and highlighting personal characteristics, that enhances us.

  • Manners matter, online and offline; Do unto others – “Please” and “Thank Yous” do go a long way. If you wanted to be respected you first have to give respect.
  • Follow your Boss, don’t Friend Him: there is a difference.
  • Add a profile picture (as appropriate for that social platform) – Everyone likes to “see” who they are talking too.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations across the board. Put up discussions, make comments that enhance and showcase your personality and stand
  • Liking your own Facebook status is absolutely forbidden.
  • Chat at odd hours: have regards for timing, seek permission before you do.
  • Don’t spend too much time on social media, especially in a business setting. Don’t share your personal opinions about your employer or coworkers on social media sites.
  • Don’t ask personal questions, understand the different social media platforms and respect the disciple of the same.
  • Keep personal and professional separate, have different accounts/persona; use different social media for different interactions. Keeping the security settings accordingly.
  • Don’t use social media to over sell. Instead educate, enlighten, inform, and entertain your contact and discussion panels.

Wise use of Social Media can uplift interactions

Social media can be enriching platform for learning and growing professionally and personally. Using social media properly is vital for professional growth; one can grow leaps and bounds within the networking space. Ignoring it is not possible for any professional nor is it advisable for professional image, but like any tool, it has to be handled with care and caution and played by the rules.

(Writer Nidhi Sharma is a Life Coach, Image Consultant & Hypnotherapist and practices in Mumbai, India. To consult or for a complimentary coaching session, please fill in the inquiry form and send us)

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