QUIZ : Personal Branding Quiz

1. Do you know the words people use to describe you? (Such as bright, aspiring, caring, methodical, energetic, optimistic, resourceful, loyal, or . . .?)


2. Are they the same words you want to be known for?


3. Have you written down your short term and long term goals, and know where you are going?


4. Do you know your superpowers? Those things that everybody asks you to do because you do them amazingly well?


5. Can you clearly describe what makes you unique and different from those who seemingly do what you do?


6. Is your brand personality inspiring and engaging, and infused in everything you do?


7. Do you know exactly who your target audience is: those people who have a need or desire that only you can solve?


8. Is your personal brand appearance/style consistent with who you are and appropriate for your target audience?


9. Do you have an area of expertise or thought leadership that you are known for?


10. Do you have your own personal brand identity system to keep your messaging clear and consistent? ( business cards, stationary, colors, imagery, email signature, on-brand voice mail, etc.)


11. Do you have a strong professional network?


12. Do you have your own website that showcases your personal brand and how you make a difference?


13. Do you have a personal brand statement, that clearly describes who you are, what you do, who needs you, and why you’re different?


14. Are you having fun with your personal brand?


15. Bonus Question: Do you know what the next step is to create an irresistible personal brand so your target audience won’t be able to resist you?


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