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Life Coaching from Nidhi Sharma


Nidhi Sharma is a superlative coach, offering much value through her various skills, interests and certifications. It is her warm, empathetic nature accompanied with a keen understanding of human behaviour that has helped her assist people take their lives from Good to Great. Nidhi is currently em-paneled with HDFC Mutual Funds for their LEAP Learning Academy and is a full time Partner and Coach with Bon Impressions.

From where do you get the understanding of the human behaviour?

It is through years put into brand activation, working with varied clients, team mates and end users. My endeavour is to chart the uncharted territories with my clients. This allows them to be better than their best and shine in their true glory.

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Interview: Nidhi Sharma: Imaging Consultant And Certified Image Master


Tell us about your childhood memories…

Warm summer breeze, swimming and cycling. I am a Railway bred child, as parents are doctors and served with the railways. So We lived in various small towns from Varanasi to Garhara to Gorakhpur to Baroda.

Reflecting back, I grew up in a happy carefree environment, where days were filled with school, sports (badminton, Basketball, Swimming) extra curricular activities and loads of family friends and cousins in and out of our home.

Where did you have your schooling and advanced studies?

I started my formative years in Garhara (Bihar) and then moved to Gorakhpur for middle school, passed my 10th from Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) Varanasi, 12th and graduation was done in Baroda. Thereafter I moved to Bombay (which has been home for last 23 years) to do my Diploma in Mass Communication from XIC.

What is CIM and how is it so special?

CIM is Certified Image Master – it’s assigned to Image Consultants by the official Image Consultant body Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

There are only 8 CIMs in the world and Ms. Judith Rasband is one of them, whose curriculum I have studied and have been certificated in the subject


What did you start your career as?

I started my career as an Advertising Executive – doing Time and space selling in a company called Showtime Communication in 1991 and then went on to work with India Today and Hindustan Times.


What led you to turn your career towards Imaging Consulting?

Being a “Services Kid” and a convent student, etiquette were a part of life. Social life was rather important to my parents as we attend loads of functions, considering my parents official position.

We were to dress appropriately at all times, as did my parents.

This has carried on in the adult life and I constantly saw myself observing how my colleagues and business associates, conducted themselves, dressed etc.

As I grew into senior position, I would end up grooming my team mates for appropriate business dressing and conduct… to the extent that that at one time one of my boss, made me in charge of over seeing my colleagues appearance and ensuring that teams were always dressed appropriately for business meetings.

I was also on crossroads of my professional life, contemplating and exploring, when I came across a small ad on the course in a newspaper… Somehow I just knew… this is it…


What are the objectives of imaging consulting?

The objective of Image Consulting; is to work on the 3 aspects of a person

  1. Appearance
  2. Behaviour
  3. Communication

The non verbal aspect of human interaction that has 93% impact on all relationships (research proven)
I work with all 3 aspects, bringing in my skills as a trained counselor to assist people to project a persona that is true and authentic to them.

What are your interests?

From reading to cooking, from outdoor sports to gardening, I try and enjoy varied activities. Currently I am seeking and exploring the spiritual aspect on myself.
But travel remains a constant passion and interest, I wish to travel to as many parts of the world as I can, in this lifetime.

Which NGOs are you associated with and why?

I am associated with 2 NGOs
Red Dust India Foundation – they works with children bringing to them sports, health and hygiene. I oversee their operations in 12 of the schools that they operate in.

I choose to work with them because I feel privileged to have such good upbringing and so much goodness in my life, and this is my way of saying “thank you” for the same.

I-Create is the other NGO that I am associated with.

I-Create works with youth in government vocational training centers, teaching them entrepreneurial skills. These students need “soft -Skills” to “fit-in” the corporate/business worlds, to come at par with those who have had more privilege backgrounds.

I am very appreciative of what I-Create is doing i.e giving these students a chance to propel themselves and dream big…If I can add a small bit, to even one student, through my skill sets, which can be useful to them, then I consider it my privilege, hence I take sessions on Appearance & Body language and Etiquette for I-Create, whenever they invite me for one.

How did you get associated with music?

My husband is a music producer and record label owner, that’s how serious music came to be part of my life. My association with him has gotten me to work on a few projects.


What are you passionate about while dealing with your clients?

My only aim, through the personal coaching or workshops, is to share what I know, and hope to be able to give my clients a tool that they can use for their growth. Success is a perception, of its owner and those around us… through Image management, I hope to assist my clients create those impressions that give them better chances to it.

What are your core expertise areas?

My expertise is assisting people to understand themselves “a little better”…

What are your future plans?

I wish to do Life coaching and Corporate image management course in the coming year, to add to my expertise and knowledge.

My ultimate aim is “Saransh”… the complete … I want of offer modules that will help individuals to works on their inside and carry it forth to their outside…the amalgamation of our inner core with our outer persona.

Smile, great handshake to get that plum job!


Nidhi Sharma, Founder of Bon Impressions, an image consulting firm was an advertising professional for over 14 years, before pursuing a career in Image Consulting, a profession dear to her heart.

We spoke to her about ABC of impression where she tries understanding a person’s need, pain areas and concerns about themselves is the beginning, before image management can be started. Once these are understood, and mutually agreed upon, various topics on appearance, behavior and communication are delivered in specific sessions with personalized recommendations for that individual.

How does one manage to make a perfect first impression?

One needs to pay attention to appearance & non verbal communication to make a great first impression. Appearance is extremely important, as 90% of our body is covered in clothing. Therefore, our attire is an important, essential and dynamic extension of our persona. The way we look affects the way we think, act and behave, and also how others respond to the visual stimuli, i.e. us. Non verbal communication: 55% of our communication is through our body language. Therefore, how we walk in, shake someone’s hand, our eye contact with the person, and how greet people makes a tremendous impact. The first seven seconds is all that it takes for people to make 11 major decisions about us, including about our success, prosperity, trustworthiness, to name just a few.

In situations like, say, someone who stammers, does that also create an impression? How do you suggest one manage that?

A stammer/ stutter are largely due to a psychological problem the person is facing and can be corrected. Socrates, Lewis Carroll, King George the VI, Nicole Kidman, and many other famous people are said to have stammered, but managed to overcome this weakness. Stammering most often than not comes up in stressful situations and hence, can be taken to signal a lack of self-confidence and nervousness within the person. However, that does not mean this creates a “bad” impression, at least not in today’s ‘politically correct’ world.

There are speech specialists and therapists who work to overcome stammering. But most importantly one must accept the issue, understand where it is coming from very objectively, and work towards overcoming the same.

Looking perfect (beautiful) can be costly! Your thoughts?

If one depends totally on cosmetic products, “yes” it can be very expensive. However, as the saying goes “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, in my opinion, beauty is an external expression of our inner self, and, therefore, being attractive is something within everybody’s reach. If we understand our positive and negative traits, and choose our resources of education, talents, skills, clothing, grooming, body language and finances to highlight the positives and counter the negatives, what we will have a beautiful, attractive personality.

Quick questions:

5 colours that one should wear for an interview…

Corporate colors like shades of blue, green, brown, etc; in order of highest authority to Lowest.

2 things never to do on a first date…
From a good impressions perspective: 1. Never dress too casually. 2. Talk of inappropriate topics like sex and religion

4 things that can make one a centre of attraction in his/her group…
1. Smile (that reaches the eyes) – expression of a friendly nature.
2. Open posture – indicating that you are positively inclined towards people
3. Good eye contact with those you talking too – showing trust.
4. Listening and not just hearing; letting others talk to you – being attentive.

Shake hands with the interviewer or not?

An absolute must, as the corporate world is gender neutral. Research shows, a single handshake is equivalent to three hours of rapport building conversation. Needless to say, must not be avoided, if one wants to have a good start to the interview.

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