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Professional Etiquette, A must for professional success


– Image Management for professional growth

A wise man Oscar Wilde was who said “A man who can dominate a dinner-table can dominate the world”. The words still ring true.

Look around, most restaurants and dining halls are still filled with professional men and women, working their professional charm to bring home the bacon. There is no escaping the fact that as professionals, we have to socialize with business and professional associates to fuel the relationship. This is when image management and practicing correct business and professional etiquette becomes not only essential but at time it can make or mar your career.

Professional Etiquette a tool for professional image management

Starting from a mail written to a prospective client to the hand-shake when you meet them, to the interaction on social media, all determine the kind of relationship one will cultivate. Interpersonal relationships with colleagues are influenced by the cubicle etiquette and behavior on display. One cannot get away from the fact that those with polite, respectful and professional etiquette get the better of most things.

Good professional etiquette help us in being recognized as “professional” and it is a valuable skill-set that makes one stand out from others, enhances our chances at success and help us land that dream job or deal. Establishing good business and professional rapport is essential for professional success, take on new clients and impress our bosses and peers alike. The way to build positive relationships in the business world is by exercising good etiquette and positive body language and top-notch communication skills.

Professional Image Management a recipe for career growth

Exuding a professional image and practicing good business & professional etiquette is a recipe for advancing one’s career, as most people want to associate with people who they like. Practicing proper etiquette and supporting a great impressive professional image ensures that our peers like us. This does not just end with personal interaction, but needs to be extended and displayed on social media and virtual interaction as well, through emails, web chats etc and beyond official boundaries while socializing. Professional Image is the call for the day, if we want to achieve what we have set out to achieve, our goals and ambitions.

If you would like to enhance your professional etiquette or social etiquette, manners and professional presentation skills, please connect at ask.bon@bonimpressions.com

(Writer Nidhi Sharma is a Life Coach, Image Consultant & Hypnotherapist and practices in Mumbai, India. To consult or for a complimentary coaching session, please fill in the inquiry form and send us)

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