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I have been talking about getting past our comfort zone, our safe haven in the past few blogs and I have started to wonder if it is really as easy as I keep saying it is?

Well, if it was so easy to get up and leave our safe haven and throw ourselves into the dark jungle I guess we all would have done it. Isn’t it?

And yet… success comes to those who leave the shore, unanchored, chart new territories and cross the Lakshman rekha.

I believe Action Changes Things…

However to act the first basic step is to know the direction in which action needs to be taken.
Again easier said than done…

So let me assist a little bit here… please indulge me and take the moment to imagine…

Imagine if In the middle of the night, a miracle happens and all your life challenges are solved, you can do and be what you wish, unrestricted… But because this happens while you are sleeping, you have no way of knowing that there was an overnight miracle that brought about your ideal life. So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, what might be the change that you will notice that will make you say to yourself, ‘Wow, something must have happened—my life looks ideal’.

Go ahead… close your eyes, just for a few minutes and watch that miracle happen, watch yourself go from good to great.

Awesome feeling isn’t it?

Now Think … if this is your ideal life, what would be the smallest step that you can take today to manifest it?

Go ahead…think… write it down…your first smallest action towards the great life, towards the great you.

ACT …Action Changes Things…


I would love to hear from you, how your action is helping you towards your dream, supporting you to unanchored yourself from your safe haven.

I am a life, personal development coach & counselling psychologist; I practise from Mumbai India, reaching across the globe. Please do let me know what your thoughts are about going from good to great and if my blog has supported you any manner.

If you wish to accelerate your growth and move from your comfort zone, please do connect with me and take a complimentary Life Coaching session. Write to me at ask.bon@bonimpressions.com

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