Come to think about it, we spend a lifetime, working to create a safe haven for ourselves and our loved ones, where we can retreat, feel peaceful and safe.

We know this place as our comfort zone … a familiar space isn’t?

This is the space where we know we are competent, above average, doing good, achieving most of the things we want to. It’s a good place to be in… right? And yet, to a lot of us something feels amiss… like there is something more out there that we can get or reach for and achieve.

And we are right in this feeling… there is a lot more to us, that we can do and be. A dimension that very few really have the courage to explore or even seek.

The truth is, that we can only move from being good to being great, when we step outside of this safe haven that we have created for ourselves.

The key to discovering our passion, our visions, our purpose, accomplishing our goals, and finding the elusive ‘happiness’ is that we test waters beyond the shores that bind and anchor us, so safely.

No ship has ever sailed without leaving the shores to discover the distant land…

We are so driven, by our fight and flight response, that It is almost imperative for all living being to create their safe territories, protected from all and everything. And rightly so, it minimises stress, potential risks and provides a state of mental security. We benefit immensely from it by getting regular happiness, low anxiety and reduced stress. No doubt the state of relative comfort creates a steady level of performance.

However, in order to maximise performance, be our best and go from Good to Great we need a state of relative anxiety; a space where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal (as explained by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson).

The space outside our comfort zone helps us to grow, leads us to try new things, maximise our potential.

We need to be uncomfortable with growing roots and settling into routine, in order break the glass ceiling…

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