QUIZ : Self Care checklist

1. I drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.


2. I eat only moderate amounts of sugar (watch soda intake).


3. I eat only moderate amounts of fat.


4. I eat only moderate amounts of salt.


5. My diet contains a high percentage of fruits and vegetables.


6. I do not smoke.


7. I drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.


8. I have no more than one drink of tea, coffee, or coke per day.


9. I have no more than 5 alcoholic beverages per week.


10. I get the sleep that I need at least 5 nights out of 7.


11. I exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 30-minutes each time.





13. I am easily on time for appointments.


14. I create extra time in my day for things that might pop up.


15. I say ‘no’ as often as I need to.


16. I have not taken on too much.


17. There is nothing that I am doing that does not contribute to my life.


18. I do not exceed the speed limit when driving.


19. I do not watch TV, read, eat, walk or talk on the phone while I eat.


20. I have resolved all outstanding issues that have been bothering me.


21. I regularly take time to spend with myself.


22. I experience yoga, meditation or relaxation exercises on a regular basis.


23. I have enough time off / vacation.


24. I get a message at least every 2 to 4-weeks.





26. I am happy at my present weight.


27. I am happy with my clothing.


28. I am happy with the state of my bedroom.


29. I am happy with the state of my house.


30. I set appropriate boundaries around any relationships that drain me.


31. I have raised many of my standards that needed raising.


32. I am happy with my support network. I feel supported by my family and friends.


33. I have completed any outstanding conversations that have been worrying me.


34. I tell people within 24-hours if they have crossed my personal boundaries.


35. I have no significant thoughts withheld about anyone.


36. I enjoy going to work.


37. I do not worry every day about money.


38. I have something to look forward to each night or each week.


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