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The Gap… Generation Gap…

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Generation gap… I had not really understood the meaning of these words till I got to an age, where I constantly hear “now a days younger generation… ” & “When we were younger…”

I keep thinking that even when we were younger, the older said that same… didn’t they? I remember hearing these words from elders. This makes me wonder if things have really changed or have they remained the same?

One, answer I get is, that it’s a relatively space…

Second, I am beginning to understand is that older people (now my generation) faces a huge challenge of change; from how they knew things to be to what they anticipate coming on. Technological changes itself have been humongous for our generation and which are happening at a pace that we older selves often find ourselves at wits end.

Fear makes us seek safe haven, the known, the comfort zone. It makes us believe that what we had or what we knew is better than what is to come…the unknown.

In my practice of Life Coaching, which has given me a fair amount of insights into human mind, I see that those who embrace the change get ahead. Those who work to stay relevant achieve more.

In fact recently, a senior business associate mentioned that ‘life coaching is meant for more mature, senior professionals as they have the ability to dwell deeper’.  I am inclined to agree. However, I also think that young may not be inclined to life coaching, not because of immaturity but because they are running with the pace of things and that they are relevant to the world around us.

The first step then, is to accept that world will change and maybe at a pace that will outrun our zeal.

The second step, is then to pick up the pace, at least to an extent that we can and work to keep ourselves relevant with the world around us.

To stay relevant we need to upgrade our software regularly… we have to invest in ourselves.

The basic human desire is to develop ourselves into something better, doing more and doing different things.  In fact accordingly to Pew research centre, millennials are taking up self-improvement more than any other generation realising the need for staying relevant, spending twice as much in exercise and healthy eating habits, life coaching, counselling and therapy.

I am truly impressed with the youth of today…

Well, if they can have this realisation, I only hope that grey hair too understands how important it is to stay relevant and invest in themselves. That’s is the only way to bridge the gap…


Invest in yourself_blog


So, the question I ask is … are you investing in yourself??? I look forward to hearing you…

I am a life, personal development and personal branding coach & counsellor; I practise from Mumbai India, reaching across the world through the virtual platform. Please do let me know what your thoughts are about going from good to great and if my blog has supported you any manner.

If you wish to accelerate your growth and move from your comfort zone, please do connect with me and take a complimentary Life Coaching session. Write to me at ask.bon@bonimpressions.com

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