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If you are looking for a program that will take you from “Good to Great” in your life, Life Sutra is the program for you. In Life Sutra, we assist you to understand the factors that work in the world around us and how we can create our own success.

Each one of us has a different ‘mental map’ of the real world. Our maps are formed from our experiences and how we perceive them. We help you understand these maps and what space you come from when you react in a certain way.

Then, we focus on your potential and resources and how you can maximize and leverage them. That is how you achieve the distinction of going from “Good to Great”.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand how we perceive the world that we create around us.
  • Identify how we create our own success with our own perceptions and thoughts.
  • Accept our colleagues, peers, co-workers and friends with empathy.

Our workshop assists you to release judgment against self and others. It aids you in becoming more accepting of our own self and others thereby creating a life around you that is far more empowering, harmonious, peaceful and fulfilling.


The Brand U


Personal Branding Workshop

  • Do you know what you mean to people around you?
  • What do you actually stand for?
  • What do people rely and depend upon you for?
  • Are you a ‘go-to’ person?

If you are thinking of these questions, then you are ready to take our workshop on Personal Branding. In our Personal Branding workshop, we assist you in understanding and creating the brand YOU that reflects the core essence of your capabilites and abilities.

Our workshop is a high-impact, personalized workshop that will take you through methods that will assist in creating the full impact of your personality and putting out your Uniqueness among those who impact your life.


At the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Narrow down their own USP.
  • Have greater insights into what we stand for and want be perceived as.
  • Create a lasting and authentic self brand.
  • Manage and understand their aspirations, their reputation and their brand.
  • Make the maximum impact possible.
DSC05404 - Copy

The workshop is highly interactive, motivating and energizing. Participants come out full of ideas, thoughts and tools that assist them to manage their reputation, both online and offline.

Key Takeaways

  • A plan and how to follow it.
  • Tips on reputation management.
  • Effective social management.

Creating Calm at Work

  • How many times have you dragged your feet to office?
  • How many times have you felt you could not go on ahead?
  • How many times you feel that you cannot carry one anymore?
  • How many times you wished things would slow-down a bit?

Question is; What have you done about it?

Stress at the workplace is the energy-buster, the mood-killer. And yet, we have let it come into our lives.

What if we tell you that you can train yourself to manage this stress? Even prevent it from coming into your lives?

In our workshop Creating Calm at Work we take you through techniques that will help you create that much needed quiet at work.


At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand how different stress triggers work.
  • Survive and thrive under long work hours.
  • Use strategies to handle negative people and situations.
  • Use smart trick to deflate your anger balloon.
  • Learn the tool to find your calm centre and learn to create your own calm.

Participants who went through this workshop understand strategies to manage work place stress, anger and toxicity.


Power of Personal Presence (Image of Success)

Image of Success 16.03.2013, Mumbai 8

The Power of Personal Presence or Image of Success Workshop is a workshop that aims to help professionals exude confidence and self-assurance and assist in “looking the part” in their corporate and professional role.

In this workshop, participants learn about first impressions, nonverbal messaging, power of appearance, your social media presence and aspects that will help you build your personality.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of corporate and professional grooming and etiquette
  • Create a positive first impression.
  • Understand and modulate non-verbal messaging that impact interactions.
  • Portray a successful personality.
Image of Success 16.03.2013, Mumbai 4

Anyone who wants to better their lives professional and personally should attend the workshop, even youngsters who are embarking on their professional lives or anyone who are preparing themselves for a leadership role.

Image of Success 16.03.2013, Mumbai 13

Unlock Your Money Power

  • Do you want to know the 3 biggest reasons why money does not flow in your life effortlessly? Do you want to know the ingredients to having success making money?

The answers for these is what form the gist of our workshop Unlock Your Money Power.

In this workshop, you learn about the ingredients of monetary success and once you know the key, it is easy to use it consistently to create patterns of success.

Are the situations given below causing unending stress in your life:

  • You’re in a complete state of financial lack and want.
  • You are tired and frustrated with more money going out than coming in and no opportunities in sight.
  • You are on a financial roller coaster – one day you are up and the next you’re down and you can’t seem to get consistent financial abundance and freedom.

Our workshop Unlock Your Money Power will help you get out of this quagmire.

Unlock your Money Power, mumbai 2_resize


At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify and rewrite your own money blueprint.
  • Understand how rich and abundant people think and act.
  • Practice a few practical tools and techniques that can be used to make money, grow it and manage it.
  • Practice the Binaural money meditation to permanently reset your money thermostat.
  • Understand a powerful Money Management system.

Once you undergo this workshop, you will understand how to make and manage money better, successfully.

im possible 11

Do you want success to happen by chance or do you want success to be a planned choice?

If you have selected the second option, you should participate in Bon Impression’s program, im[possible].

im[possible] aims to help you to look at yourself in your full glory, with the possibilities that lie within you … unleashing the power you have for success. The workshop will make you do things you have not done before, help you see a different side of yourself, and may lead you to ask yourself, is this really me? Did I make this possible?

Examining the complex relationship between mind, body and soul, the workshop will address how to overcome various beliefs that quench our energy and motivation and will realign these three facets of the self in a manner that will allow us to take actions to achieve the success that we have set out to achieve.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Realign your thoughts towards success.
  • Identify your beliefs.
  • Open the energy flow in your body.
  • Align your energies for higher vibrations and positive thinking.
  • Describe the 3Cs that dilute and sabotage our success.
  • Explain the 3Gs that elevate our success.
  • Work on M.A.P. to visualize, focus and channelize positive thoughts.
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Once you do the workshop, you will have greater focus and more energy to achieve what you set out for. Participants who have undergone this workshop have not just achieved whatever they had set out to do, but have moved on to higher goals.

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