Summers can be rather difficult for professionals as the heat and humidity has adverse effect on our skin and body and if we don’t wear breathable clothing prickly heat, summer rashes etc. can get to us and ruin a perfectly good day

With the sun shining bright on our heads, we find ourselves clueless about how to dress at work. Chaitrali Sardesai discovers what you can wear to the office this season, in Mumbai Mirror, an article that appeared in the paper.

When we think of office-wear we often picture formal attires. The heat demands outfits that can keep us comfortable throughout the day. A shirt with a pair of slim-fit trousers to go with, is a corporate favourite. You may also opt for skirts and chic formal dresses. Men can wear smart looking shirts and a pair of trousers. “Cotton lycra trousers with smart elbow length turn-up sleeves shirts are very much the trend for office-wear. Most of the people wear it since it’s easy to carry off. Fitted cotton dresses and skirts are also in vogue among working women,” says Nivedita Saboo, a well-known fashion designer. Those working in places with a semi-formal atmosphere can go for a pair of leggings and midthigh length shirts with waist belts. Denim skirts or shorts worn with shirts are good too.

A nice pair of heels for women and classy black or brown formal shoes for men will highlight your personality and make you stand out at your workplace. At official parties and dinners, tunics, full-length evening gowns, spaghetti or tube dresses,

shirts with short jackets along with skirts or trousers will give you an elegant and stylish look.


While picking up clothes for work this summer, don’t forget about the fabric. Wearing synthetics will make you perspire more and you will be left feeling uneasy and irritable. Linens and cottons are excellent options for men and women. Girls can choose chiffons from the racks. Light-weight linen jackets are popular among the boys at formal occasions. “Light coloured linen and cotton dresses, skirts, shirts and fitted trousers rule the formal collection this season. Pastel shades like baby pink, light green, sky blue, lemon yellow, muted orange, lavender and other such are the most suitable. White, beige and grey are worn anyway irrespective of the weather. These colours keep you cool and look stunning. Linen by itself is a wonderful fabric so it’s everyone’s best. Super fine cotton too is evergreen,” advises Vidya Tiwari, a fashion designer. Printed chiffons and textured muls are in style too.


What can beat an Indian outfit to work? Sari is an all-time favourite in this category. You can make heads turn in admiration while you enter your workplace dressed in a chiffon sari, with a perfectly fitted choli. It makes one look confident and extremely graceful. “A lot of people buy cotton salwars and churi daars. Block prints and floral prints are the most sought after patterns. Sleeveless in-cut kurties look suitable in offices. Kurtas with Chinese collars is in fashion too,” informs Nafisa Poonawala, a fashion designer. Many girls like wearing bright-coloured kurties with a lot of detailing done on them along with good denims to match up to it. Plain cotton salwars and kurtas and printed fancy dupattas on it can be another option.


You can look your best in formals by topping it up with exciting accessories. Subtle yet classy jewellery stands out with such dresses. An all-pearl necklace and earrings set on an Indian or western formal outfit looks wonderful.

Beaded necklaces, chains and small pendants, medium-sized danglers and oxidised bracelets look fresh and funky. For those with deeper pockets, diamond pendants and earrings are the best choice.

Hand Bags/ Laptop bags/Portfolio bags are also of high importance at work. They should be smart and suitable to your position. For offices with a casual environment, sling bags and colourful bags would do. At strictly formal workplaces, plain coloured bags like black, blue, brown, beige and grey are preferred for both men and women. Be away from bright and catchy colours.

Finally, you should wear what you can carry off. Following a fashion trend which is unsuitable for you, while making you uncomfortable, will make you the laughing stock at office. Wearing something that matches your body type and opting for an appropriate style is the best choice you can make this season!

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Article appears in Mumbai Mirror dated 23.02.2011

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