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May 7, 2013
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June 12, 2013
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Unleash the Power of Personal Presence


Unleash is a workshop that seeks for the growth of an individual in a holistic way, addressing first inner core and then moving towards outer person; which influences one’s connections and interactions with people and impacts all relationships, be it personal or professional

Starting from understanding the Power of thoughts, being mindful of them and how one can attract goodness in life through them and Ending with the Power of Self Presentation through ‘ Appearance, Behavior and Communication, for greater impact in our interactions.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be
  2. Understanding self and projecting the same with confidence with those we interact with
  3. Understanding how and why, of our thoughts and impact of the same on our life
  4. Facilitate personal and professional growth to achieve personal and professional success

Workshop Content

  • Know thyself
  • Theory of the mind
  • How and why of thoughts and attitudes
  • Law of attraction to attract goodness
  • Power of self Presentation
    • Appearance
      • Personal Dressing
      • Impact of colors in dressing and on our personality
    • Behavior
      • Etiquette and Manners
    • Communication – Non verbal communitarian
      • Vocal – impact of tone, volume, diction etc.
      • Body language for positive impressions

Who should attend:

  • Those who seek self growth, professionally and personally
  • Those who want to improve quality of their life & achieve their goals and ambitions
  • Professionals seeking holistic career growth

(Writer Nidhi Sharma is a Life Coach, Image Consultant & Hypnotherapist and practices in Mumbai, India. To consult or for a complimentary coaching session, please fill in the inquiry form and send us)

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