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Why you should see an Image and Nonverbal Coaching


Image consultant is someone who can give you advice on how to put your best foot forward in all situations and occasions

It is often difficult to be objective about our own appearance, behavior and communication, the kind of impressions we create on other people – sometimes we just need some professional advice, to understand ourselves better in order to ensure we project an image that is always impressive, positive and lasting and one that works in our favor.

Our Image is our Visual Resume

Did you know that your visual appearance accounts for almost 93% of the impression we give to other people? We are a mental picture of what others think about us. This means our image is our visual resume and that knowing how to manage our personal presentation, such that we are quickly seen as effective and confident, is as critical as any business skill on a resume.

Dress for success to create impressive self image

These days though, it is not just business attire we need to worry about, but also business casual. Many workplaces now have ‘casual Friday’ where employees can dress down a little. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also be a minefield, as often we are not very clear about the distinction between “Business formals” and “Business Casual”. A professional Image consultant assists you to understand these nuances and gets you ready to dress for success.

Professional image consultants know how to help one dress for success, and also how to use body language, business etiquette and colour to our advantage, such that we always appear, behave and communicate appropriately, authentically and attractively.

An image consultant will be able to show us exactly which colours and styles of clothing and accessories best suit us and how to dress for success, whatever the occasion and no matter what size, age or shape we are.

A great time to see an image consultant is when we are looking to get a new job or have been recently hired for one. For fresh graduates, with barely any exposure to the corporate world, job interview is a very stressful time and a professional appearance with perfect business etiquette is of utmost importance to ace the interview. In today’s fast-paced world first impressions count, and our competence, intelligence and reliability is judged within seconds.

Change your Self Image, Change your life

So if we are interested in revamping our appearance for a new job or an interview, a new role we might have undertaken; professionally or personally, or a new relationship that we would like to start, we may want to think about using the services of an image consultant, to explore and understand ourselves better.

From professional image to personal image, a qualified image consultant can not only help us find the perfect wardrobe for the image of success that we want to portray, but also teach us how to behave and conduct yourself with perfect business etiquette from boardroom to a bar room, from birthdays to weddings to funerals, teaching us the art of conversation to gifting to lifestyle hobbies, assisting the clients in always putting our best foot forward and creating lasting self impressions to achieve life’s goals and ambitions.

Another reason to see an image consultant is simply that we want to understand ourselves better, and showcase the inner strengths and skills to the outer world, so that we can experience richer, more fulfilling and happier lives. As we can see, there are a number of reasons why we may want to turn to a professional image consultant, but the important question to ask here is; “Do we want to be an image of success?”

For a free consulting session write to me at, and feel the change for yourself.

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